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re-marketing specialist of assets from leasing, bankruptcy and divestment

Company Profile

Corimactrade® is born from the ripened experience
of Corimac S.p.a. in the management of industrial assets.

Mission of the company is to promote and to market personal and immovable properties obtained from the services performed by the most relevant leasing companies which operate in the Italian area. Moreover, Corimactrade® operates in bankruptcy assets re-sales, in the management of bankruptcy proceedings and also in commission sales business.

Our promotional and re-marketing activity uses both traditional and innovative communication tools, combining product promotion with competitive sale

  • Professional Re-marketing
  • Conventional and On-line Advertising
  • DEM
  • On-Line Auctions
  • Assets Evaluation

  • Businesses and Retailers
  • Leasing Companies
  • Official Receivers and insolvency administrator

Registered Headquarter: Via P.O.Vigliani, 19 - 20148 - Milano (MI)
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Operational Headquarter: 17/U Merloni, st - 62024 - Matelica (MC)
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